Thursday, October 2, 2008

Favela headz

Some tunes for funk headz. I was playing at a street party in Vila Cruzeiro a while ago organized by our friend Pit, who is the guy with the pink glasses in one of our earlier posts. We had a nice selection of dancing ladies brought by our friend Jonas Santana who is running for Mayor here in Rio. He has his own show called "Danca Comigo", dance with me.
Check out this clip... to see what his show is about. His motto is: We dance you enjoy.
After the party local hero DJ Rico gave me a CD with his edits of the latest Funk hits. Rico plays at the notorious 29 baile in Vila Cruzeiro. So here's a selection including yet another MSN riddim. Also I'll share with you the original song from which virtually every Funk hit has been sampled lately: Cheap Thrills by Planet Patrol. 

Planet Patrol -Cheap Thrills (right click download)

MSN funk (right click download)

Buçeta no Pau (right click download)

Buçeta no Chao (right click download)

Desce, quero ver (right click download)

Having problems ......


drunken lion said...

amazing portraits,funky as hell

Brendan said...

Dança Comigo: Truly Inspirational