Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Brazilian beer maker Brahma is coming out with a new dark brew called "Obrahma Black". Brazilians just aren't as race sensitive as people in other countries I guess. 

We drove through the whole city on election night to find a place where we could watch the results. Even in the local Irish pub packed with expats the people preferred to drink beer and listen to an awful band playing U2 covers. We finally ended up in the bar of the Marriott where about 5 people were watching. We had to wait almost an hour for the hotel staff to turn up the volume because a couple having dinner complained about the noise. One person I asked about the level of disinterest here explained that Brazilian politics are complicated enough already.

To show our own overwhelming level of excitement we organized an Obama party in a bar called Atlantico where I played a set with exclusively Obama tracks. After doing quite a bit of research to find the tracks I thought I'd post the least obvious most favorites here. Hopefully there are some you haven't heard a thousand times already wherever you may be where people are at least a little excited that Barack Obama is the next president and just as importantly NOT John McCain. 

Cody Chestnutt - Afrobama (right click download)

Obama Obama - Millie Remix (right click download)

(This one is my favorite)
Keith From Up Da Block - Barackdavote (right click download)

Steel Pulse - Vote Obama (right click download)

Ti$a - Imma Vote Obama Way (right click download)

DLake - Imma Vote Obama Way (remix) (right click download)

Double Dz - I am Obama (right click download)

Samba Mapangala - Obama Ubarikiwe (right click download)

Extra Golden - Obama (right click download)


Brendan said...

Wicked post. I like the Extra Golden one best I guess. It's more subtle than the other ones, but still gets that message across by the end.

Too bad I missed the party. You guys were killing it with those shirts by the way...

Aarti said...

Great party - great shirts!!