Sunday, June 21, 2009


Fatos Tragicos Mix by Haas (right click download)

A collection of Hip Hop and Soul from Brazil. In 2004 Hahn and I travelled to Brazil to film Firmeza Total, a documentary about Brazilian Hip Hop music and the role it plays in the lives of the young people in the favelas.  We brought back a lot of music which we've been enjoying extensively since then. 

01. Salve - Racionais MCs 02. Jorge Da Capadocia - Racionais MCs 03. Fiquem Na Paz do Senhor - Alvos da Lei 04. Na Rua Na Chuva Na Fazenda - Hyldon 05. A Folha Vôa - RZO 06. Leia o Livro Universo em Desencanto (Haas Edit) - Tim Maia 07. Favela Sinistra - Trilha Sonora do Gueto  08. Amigo de Infancia - Consciencia Humana 09. Seja Mais Voce - Dexter 10. Imunização Racional - Tim Maia 11. Ela Partiu - Tim Maia 12. O mensageiro - RZO 13. O assalto - Alvos da Lei 14. Eu sou função - Dexter 15. Jesus Chorou - Racionais MCs 16. Apenas Um Sonho - 509-E 17. Vida Loka (Parte 2) - Racionais MCs 18. A favela agradece - Dexter 19. Trutas e Quebradas - Racionais MCs

The Mix contains different artists, most from Sao Paulo but also from Brazilia and other places.
Racionais MCs is the one of the oldest and most famous rap group in Brazil. Many of their songs are official ghetto anthems, rinsed in favela's all over Brazil. Their producer, Edi Rock, uses a lot of Marvin Gaye samples. His sound to me is extremely representative of the Sao Paulo matrix. He also produced the two beats we used for creating the track in Firmeza Total (below), there's a scene where he is showing us different beats he's working on.
For us to be able to work with him was exceptional because these guys are seen as demigods, their shows allways packed to the brim. A friend  told me that he had been to a show where kids were dropping themselves from holes in the roof to get in. 

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